Let ARMSTRONG Strengthen Your Accounts Receivable Processes

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Provides knowledge and insights for continuous improvement.


Delivers real-time, multi-channel, actionable updates.

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Efficiently prioritizes debtors by status, value and relationship goals.

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Customizes recovery efforts for frontline, first and third party options.

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Your business relies on timely payments for the products and services you provide, but it can be difficult to collect from non-paying customers and vendors. In-house collections departments are often ineffective and expensive to maintain. An automated collections system can help recover your debts and stabilize your cash flow. ARMSTRONG is a system developed by Altus Global Trade Solutions that’s designed to strengthen your accounts receivable processes and improve your bottom line.

Automated Collections Management Software

Automated collections software is designed to help users address their accounts receivable vulnerabilities to improve cash flow strategies and accelerate the debt collection process. Automating this process frees up valuable time for employees to focus on core operations, which reduces staffing and training costs. Automated software enhances communication between collectors and debtors and tracks it in one secure, centralized database with a record of all your collections history. Automating this process helps maximize how efficiently you collect payments with fast, accurate deduction resolutions to accelerate collections.

ARMSTRONG: Our Collections Automation System

Developed in partnership with Salesforce.com, ARMSTRONG is a customer-focused automation system designed to help clients gain a new level of accounts receivable confidence. Altus’ engineers have incorporated several decades of debtor data and payment patterns into the system to help lower costs and reduce inefficiencies. With predictive and optimum contact timing, integrated e-signature and demand letter management, and automated credit and risk scoring, ARMSTRONG ensures every collection effort helps improve your cash flow over time. Our secure portal also offers e-payment methods and is fully compliant with all regulations. There’s never been a more efficient way to communicate and collect from domestic and international customers and vendors.

ARMSTRONG Customer Experience

ARMSTRONG can change the way you recover unpaid accounts with a secure, user-friendly online dashboard that centralizes all of your collections efforts. Users have 24/7 access to performance metrics, the status of their accounts, and communication history with debtors. ARMSTRONG tracks and reports each contact interaction, making it easy to access the information and multi-layered reports that help maximize your debt recovery. This automated process incorporates smart collections strategies and rapid creditor analysis.

Let ARMSTRONG Improve Your Cash Flow

If you aren’t sure that ARMSTRONG can handle your accounts receivable vulnerabilities, we can schedule a live demonstration to display how the ARMSTRONG platform can assist your company’s debt recovery efforts. As one of the world’s leading business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, Altus Global Trade Solutions is accredited by the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. and the Commercial Law League of America. Call us today at 504-471-0948 to start a conversation.