The Industries We Serve

For more than three decades and across all industries, we have been working side-by-side with leading companies to help them gain new levels of confidence and control over their credit to cash cycle.


Vendor Credits Expertise

Many of the world’s largest retailers utilize Altus to increase their cash flow and reduce write-offs by collecting on vendor credits, debit balances, and contractual adjustments. With over three decades of experience, the most valuable global retail brands rely on Altus’ expertise to lead cost-saving impact and initiatives.


Medical Wholesale

Whether it is some of the largest healthcare distribution companies on the planet or a small distributor, Altus has specialized in collecting for pharmaceutical, medical, dental supply. With a profound understanding of the competitive nature of this market we have developed collection processes that not just get our clients paid, but repair relationships.

Professional Services 

Leading service sector companies all share a common concern -striking the right balance of paid staff, automation and outsourced partners.  At the center is the issue of credit to cash.  Working at both the collections and consulting levels, we partner with the leading players in insurance, healthcare, consulting, accounting, technology and law firms.  Click here for our featured case study.



In the last few decades, manufacturing supply chains have transformed from a manageable collection of loyal go-to companies, to an exploding array of globally diverse partners, sources, systems and vendors.  As complexity rises, margins tighten and cash flow suffers.   WIth the largest global network of trained professionals in 66 countries we operate at the intersection of economics and relationships to help plants, their people and partners chart financially strong course..



Companies that move people, freight or information must comply with a dizzying array of Federal, State, local and global tax laws and credit regulations.  Fuel and tariff costs are only the beginning. From trucking and freight handling to maritime shipping, Altus understands the transportation industry billing, receivables and cash flow priorities and needs.  Creating stronger cash positions for growing companies on the move.

Financial Services/Alternative Lending

Change is constant in  the financial services industry. Mounting pressures from shifting regulations, new security issues, technology advancements and evolving business requirements have altered how successful cash flow is managed. Our strategic ARM Managed Services Team averages 20 years of industry knowledge, offering the experience and expertise to collect and consult on your most complex accounts receivable needs.


Media and Advertising

Few industries expanded in size, complexity and impact as media and advertising. As media diversifies its platforms and expands its global reach, debtor stall tactics and high write-offs continue to plague the industry. We have a decades-long history of staying on top of the evolving regulation nuances and receivables complexities to best position your company for the strongest cash flow and highest client retention rate.  Click here for our featured case study.