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At the heart of Altus’ advanced technology is a powerful, customer-focused collection automation system, called ARMSTRONG.  Built in partnership with SalesForce.com, the world’s #1 CRM platform, ARMSTRONG automates and streamlines key functions of the debt collections process reducing costs and boosting cash flow performance at every level.

The user-friendly platform is completely configurable based on the way real collections teams think and operate.  Using more than three decades of data and experience, Altus technology teams enhanced the system with Computer Telephony integration (CTI), to enable Altus Collectors to instantly and seamlessly connect to the platform, at any device, from anywhere, at any time.  Beyond workflow automation, ARMSTRONG creates a single powerful view of collections performance for putting collectors and clients on the same page.

Built on a secure and private cloud network, users can choose from an array of features and functions that include:

  • Automated credit and risk scoring
  • Integrated e-signature and demand letter management
  • Predictive and optimum contact timing
  • e-Payment methods
  • Automates and manages AR/debtor and client communication tracking every contact interaction, performance metric, status and collected amounts.

To streamline payment cycles for the clients, a credit card and ACH transaction feature is included to immediately process and applied collected monies.  Debts can be delivered to Altus via a dedicated client community portal, which also provides reports to our customers about the performance of our collections process.

The ARMSTRONG platform accelerates collections at the highest levels, eliminating delays and pain points and automating the manual tasks of traditional models.  Check out our ARMSTRONG 101 Tutorial videos below for a quick glance into the platform.

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