Altus Affiliate Program

The Altus Affiliate Program is designed for small and medium sized commercial collection agencies that want to increase sales and grow equity. Altus Affiliates have a licensed agreement to utilize the Altus’ brand, products, services and industry-leading technology to grow their business. Whether your agency is well established or a start-up, Altus Affiliate Program is designed to meet your current and future needs.

The Altus Affiliate program allows us to remain a small, niche agency but provides us with the support engine of a large agency.  Altus give us peace of mind by employing the highest levels of compliance, expertise and technology so that we can on focus on serving our customers.  This allows us to grow revenue without the burden of significant infrastructure expenses.                             -Dave King, President, Wexford & James

Affiliate Member Benefits

Increase Revenue
Access larger client relationships by leveraging the Altus’ reputation, size, compliance, and accreditation.  Increase lead sources through endorsed associations and trade shows and spend more time focusing on new prospects and existing clients without back-office hassles.

Improve Liquidations
Increase inventory penetration significantly by using Altus’ over 100+ IACC certified collectors and proven workflow.  Training and development programs, well-defined career paths and superior compensation opportunities ensure high-performing and motivated collectors deliver better results for your clients.

Significantly Reduce Operating Costs
Reduce costs by lowering payroll and benefits costs, including healthcare insurance, payroll taxes, and other HR expenses.  From IT and accounting to printing and postage, Altus can significantly reduce your company’s operating costs.

Enhance Products and Services
Offer clients a broader portfolio of accounts receivable management services, including 1st and 3rd party collections, information products, complete line-of-sight reporting, certified legal services, and other capabilities by leveraging Altus’ full offerings and services.

Better Control Inventory
Capitalize on the Altus collection and legal forwarding teams to effectively manage inventory flow and ensure processes and communications are handled professionally and efficiently.

Improve Marketing Efforts
Use Altus’ dedicated marketing team to access trade associations, trade shows, social media, and take advantage of shared marketing costs.

Access Earlier Account Placements
Altus’ C.A.R.E. program helps reduce costs for your clients, builds loyalty, shortening placement time and creating forward flow of placements.

Improve Compliance and Certification
Use Altus’ significant investment in infrastructure for licensing and bonding in every jurisdiction in North America.

The Altus Affiliate Program has provided us with so many opportunities we never had before. The nationwide licensing, associate program, CARE program and size of Altus have opened the door for us to pursue larger deals. With Altus handling the accounting and collections we can focus our energy on growing our business and building better relationships with our clients.
-Joshua P. Monda, President, Grindstone Collections

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