Altus’ New Partnership with Wexford & James Means Steady Growth for Altus

Written by: Julie Kaplan

Wexford front pageThe Altus Affiliate Program, which launched in 2015, has seen significant growth over the last year. Our 4th and newest Affiliate, Wexford and James, joined Altus last month. As a successful, well respected agency, located in Des Moines, Iowa, Wexford recognized the benefits of becoming an Altus Affiliate.

“We are excited to be part of the Wexford-Altus GTS alliance because we can continue to provide an old-fashioned boutique approach to our clients in the increasingly complex world of debt recovery,” said David King, Senior Vice-President, Wexford and James. “Along with our tailored service approach, this partnership allows us to meet the ever-changing compliance, risk mitigation and security requirements to provide unparalleled protection of our clients’ business.”

But what does this program mean to Altus and its employees?

This program is a mutually beneficial partnership, providing Altus, its employees and Affiliates the opportunity to work together to learn, grow and prosper. Increasing sales and growing our client base results in higher revenue and greater career opportunities for everyone. Affiliate agencies are expected to increase Altus overall fee by more than 3 million dollars in 2016 alone.