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The Altus Credit Services Department (CSD) offers several cost effective services to assist with evaluation, recovery and litigation on your delinquent accounts.

Asset & Liabilities Investigations

Court and Public Records in the domicile jurisdiction are researched for current ownership records of real and tangible property, motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft. We also search for debt obligations, pending litigation, foreclosure actions, outstanding tax liens/judgements, and unsatisfied UCC filings. Multiple nationwide databases and media files are also reviewed to uncover hidden assets in areas other than the subjects’ residence.

Our Asset and Liability research will help you evaluate a debtor by:

  1. Confirming sufficient assets to warrant a costly litigation.
  2. Confirming the assets of a Guarantor are held in his/her name rather than in the name of a trust, family member, or company.
  3. Identifying and locating assets available for recovery on a judgment.

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Our investigative team can determine the residence of an individual or operating location of a business by researching public records and reviewing multiple subscription restricted database resources.

We conduct a detailed search in the area of last known residence as well as a general statewide and nationwide search with detailed public records reviews in any areas identified as potential residency.

We provided you the identified location and our reasons for identifying same. If unsuccessful, we will provide a detailed report on our findings from all informational resources searched.

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Altus has the capability to send a private investigator anywhere in the United States to document property and equipment and deliver documents.