Background Check

Altus utilizes our national affiliate network to provide cost effective due diligence background clearance research worldwide about fund managers, principals and executives of entities being considered for financing, investment or acquisition.

The goal is to alert you of any potential liability issues. We begin by extensively researching court and public records to uncover patterns that suggest questionable business operational practices or problematic personal activities that result in civil or criminal filings.

Company Litigation / Bankruptcy Review

Our team also searches local and federal court records and multiple nationwide databases for possible litigation filed against the subject’s various business interests. Business bankruptcy filings are similarly researched. We then review the available complaint or petition documents to determine if the subject is identified or alluded to as a causal factor. This review identifies past liability issues caused by the subject’s decisions or actions which would adversely reflect on his managerial abilities.

Financial Viability and OFAC Search

Altus also conducts a general credit review to evaluate the subject’s financial viability. Comprehensive OFAC research determines if the subject is identified on a “banned / watch” list for terrorist or money laundering activities.

Accurate and Timely Information

Our information is qualified through multiple resources to ensure accuracy. Typically, our domestic searches take approximately 12 days to complete. The time to complete an international search varies by country.

We provide you with a comprehensive final report supplemented with the discovered documents of interest.

Customized to Your Needs

Our searches are customized to meet the needs of our clients. Please contact our office for details on how we can customize the search parameters to meet your informational and budgetary requirements.