Tom Brenan, President and CEO

TomBrenan_1-2Thomas E. Brenan, IV, President and Chief Executive Officer of Altus, is responsible for the strategic development and management of Altus’ receivables management and commercial debt recovery business line in the United States and Canada. Altus is a global provider of products and services to protect, manage, monitor and collect commercial accounts receivable. Previously, Brenan was Chief Operating Officer and a founding member of Newton & Associates, a commercial collection agency that was acquired by Altus in 2006.

Brenan’s business management and collection experience spans 20 years. He supervised the accounting department of Napoleon Services, a subsidiary of Cargill, Inc. He worked at Arthur Young & Company, and also served as Chief Financial Officer for the central region of one of the country’s largest collection agencies.

A native of New Orleans, Brenan is a Certified Public Accountant, receiving his BS and CPA certification from the University of New Orleans. He also earned a Master’s in Business Administration degree from the University of New Orleans.

Brenan is based in Kenner, Louisiana, and oversees Altus’ operations in Kenner, East Windsor, NJ; Denver, CO; Vancouver, WA and Toronto, Ontario.

Tom Brenan
President, Altus
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