Data Contribution Agreement

Section Descriptions

  1. BCR will expedite the secure delivery of your data to Experian. Your company will only be identified by a Contributor Number, not by name.
  2. Once the data is in the Experian database, they will have all rights to it.
  3. The agreement will be in effect until terminated.
  4. Either party may cancel with 60 days written notice.
  5. Data must be provided in an approved Experian format.
  6. Contributor must agree to verify accuracy of the data.
  7. Both parties are to be held harmless.
  8. Confidentiality – neither party will divulge to any third party this contributor’s data without prior consent.
  9. This agreement is governed by the laws of California.
  10. The agreement cannot be assigned without written consent.
  11. This agreement shall be deemed severable.
  12. All notices shall be in writing.
  13. Contributor is not allowed to use Experian logos without prior written consent.
  14. Either party may waive compliance by the other with written consent.
  15. No third party.
  16. Agreement cannot be modified without written consent by both party.