President’s Message

President’s Message


It has been an extremely busy and exciting past few months at Altus. I want to let you all know about some of the pivotal changes we’ve made and about a couple of the efforts we’re focusing on as we move forward.

First and foremost, I’m thrilled about the strategic acquisition and merging of Altus with Johnson, Morgan and White. Please join me in welcoming Robert and Lori Cooper, Paul Eisenberg and their entire staff to our Altus family. We are extremely energized by this partnership and what it will mean for our growth vision. READ MORE

In addition, we have been diligently working on transforming our IT platform from Debtcon to Salesforce. This new IT platform brings opportunity to expand and improve both internal and external communication and will be a significant asset to the company.  I am confident it will transform and revolutionize our ability to provide unmatched service to our customers, strong client relationship tools, and state of the art dashboards and metric tracking.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to inform you of our renewed focus on our people.  In the past, my messages centered on presenting our financial results, goals and how we performed against our budget. Today, I want to discuss our future and how it will look from an employee’s perspective.

Our human capital is our most valued asset, and our top management team will be examining employee work/life balance goals and strategies. We are committed to enhancing our overall work environment, from providing best in the industry  benefits to incorporating flex schedules to improve family life.

It’s critical to this process that we receive your input on areas for improvement.  We’ve started with departmental questionnaires, which you should have received. Please answer honestly and know that we care about our team! We want to provide the best service possible to our customers- both internal and external.

It is deeply important to me that each and every team member truly believes Altus is committed to each individual’s success. We strive to provide an excellent work environment that supports your personal and professional growth. We understand how important it is to spend time with family, and we are focused on providing a balanced work/life environment.

We are all in this together. I look forward to our continued mutual success.

It is an honor to work with you.


Thomas E. Brenan, IV