Business Summary Report

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Our Business Summary Report is used for a quick evaluation of low-balance accounts.  Smaller balance transactions often receive inadequate scrutiny due to cost-prohibitive credit reports.  These transactions still represent risk to the bottom line and can add up fast.

Designed for use on Low-Balance Accounts

A wealth of data gives you the power to make fast, confident credit decisions on accounts with low balances (usually less than $1,000).  We recommend more in-depth reports, such as the Profile Plus or Score Report, for larger accounts.

Credit Snapshot

This report shows a summary of trade information, indicates the presence or absence of collection data and derogatory public record filings, and classifies businesses as follows:

  • Acceptable – active credit, pays within nine days late, and no disparaging information.
  • Caution – slow-pay and/or derogatory information or is not currently credit active.
  • Warning – Derogatory legal records and/or payment patterns.
  • Serious Risk – seriously derogatory payment performance and/or seriously derogatory legal records on file.
  • Bankruptcy – This company has previously filed for bankruptcy.

Complimentary Account Monitoring

When you order this report about a company, we place them on your “watch list” to monitor and advise you of significant changes to the company’s credit profiles. There is no additional charge for this service.

There are times when even good accounts can go bad, and knowing as soon as possible if and when your accounts are having problems is essential.  Bankruptcy does not happen overnight.  There are usually warning signs.

Altus’ monitoring system notifies clients of the following red flags:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax liens and judgments
  • Increasingly late payments
  • Collection agency activity
  • Significant past due activity with new accounts
  • UCC filings
  • Credit Holds and other derogatory information

Easy to use

Our account monitoring system is comprehensive, yet very user-friendly. Warning messages are delivered on-line and via e-mail every week. Bankruptcies are delivered daily.

If you need additional information about a customer about whom you’ve received a warning message, consider ordering a Score or Profile Plus Report to help determine what action should be taken.

For More Information

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