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Like any commercial operation, your business depends on payments from customers or vendors to continue running. When payments are late or unfulfilled, you task yourself to recover it. The task seems simple at first—make a few calls, send letters, and the payments are recovered, right? Not always. Suddenly, the invoices are piling up, your calendar is overflowing with phone calls to make, and bills are now months overdue. The day-to-day operations of your business seem consumed by recovering payments from customers.

Signs a Collections Recovery Solutions Agency Needs to Step In

Trying to collect from nonpaying customers is costly and time-consuming. These attempts are usually not successful without the professional resources of a collections recovery agency. At Altus Global Trade Solutions, we want businesses to recognize when it’s time for a third party agency to assist with collection recovery. Past due invoices are not the only red flag in which your business should consider outsourcing to an agency. Look out for these common signs:

  • Do your customers owe payments older than 90 days?
  • Are you receiving non-sufficient funds (NSF) notices?
  • Are multiple letters and phone calls to customers unanswered?
  • Has the customer ceased all business communication?
  • Are your number of nonpaying customers and overdue accounts increasing?
  • Are your customers spread out geographically and difficult to track down?

If you answered “yes” to any of these common signs, then it is time to consider hiring a collections recovery agency.

The Advantages of Hiring a Collections Agency

Working with a reputable collections agency restores your time spent on recovery payments. A licensed commercial collections agency has advanced in-house resources and expert knowledge for a successful recovery process. An accredited agency will follow all established collections laws and regulations, guaranteeing a legal, ethical process that will not harm the reputation of your business. Altus is proudly certified by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and endorsed by the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC). In everything we do, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry and adhere to best practices for our clients.

Our accreditations are paired with an international network that allows us to trace debtors that may have relocated as a means to avoid payment. Our skip tracing methods are professional, efficient, and follow established regulations. Do not allow bills to remain unpaid because your debtor cannot be reached; we have the resources to locate the debtor and begin the necessary collections process.

An Overview of Our Collection Recovery Process

Our trained, certified professionals follow a unique strategy to recover your unpaid accounts. Throughout the process, we provide you with detailed reporting available on your online portal. The Altus collections approach is artful, professional, and persistent; we ensure that we maintain a positive relationship with your customers while recovering the money owed.

Our collection services consist of four areas:

  • Rapid Creditor Analysis provides you with an in-depth review of your debtor’s credit reports and past payment patterns. A debtor’s credit and payment history are important to understanding possible reasons for an unpaid account.
  • Smart Collections Outreach customizes the recovery method based on your specific collection needs. We tailor our collections approach to maintain a strong, healthy relationship between your business and customer. Once we gather information about the debtor, we plan the proper, most efficient steps to take for a successful collection.
  • Multi-layered Reporting is available on your online platform. These reports cover debtor progress, investigation notes, and recorded phone conversations between the collector and the debtor. We are transparent about our reporting and give you real-time access to all activity. You can even listen to recorded phone calls between collectors and debtors on your user platform anytime and anywhere.
  • ARMSTRONG is our automated collections system. It maximizes the efficiency of the recovery with automated tools such as integrated e-signature and demand letter management, predictive and optimum contact timing, and e-payment methods. It has collected over three decades of debtor data and paying patterns to help your business identify future payment issues.

Our proven process combined with a fast learning curve and automated technologies accelerates the recovery process—keeping you informed at every step.

Let Us Help You Accelerate the Collections Process

Return to your day-to-day business without the burden of trying to personally recover unpaid accounts. Altus Global Trade Solutions is ready to work with you and establish a sense of confidence and security throughout the collections process. Submit your account to begin recovering payments.

I wanted to let you know I appreciate you always being there, ready to take on whatever collection matters I send over. I have worked with several collection agencies over the years and none have given me a recovery ratio like you and your collectors have.

I appreciate how quickly that your team takes on the accounts and turn them around. I am so happy with how expeditiously you handle all of Highland’s matters. Altus has provided such fantastic service that you have exclusively gained all of Highland’s business.