Smart Collections Outreach


Provides knowledge and insights for continuous improvement.

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Delivers real-time, multi-channel, actionable updates.

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Efficiently prioritizes debtors by status, value and relationship goals.

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Customizes recovery efforts for frontline, first and third party options.

Smart Collections Outreach

True asset recovery is a strategy, not just a contact list.  At Altus, we customize our collections solutions based on your specific needs to ensure maximum return on your international and domestic accounts. For over three decades our smart multi-layered outreach methods — from artful through aggressive — stay in complete alignment with your specific financial or debtor relationship goals and timetables,

Our multi-tiered model delivers professional commercial 1st and 3rd party collections, a cost-saving pre-collections program, and full-service collection litigation when necessary. Regardless of the outreach strategy, Altus continues to set the industry standard for upholding all regulations and accreditations needs to ensure the highest security and compliance.

Benefits include:

  • Tenured collections professionals
  • Customizable client strategy
  • Proactive pre-collections program—C.A.R.E.
  • A proven “first-line” engagement program
  • 1st Party partnership services
  • 3rd Party collections services
  • Collections litigation services
  • Highest level of compliance and security

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