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Altus has in-depth B2B collections experience in multiple industries

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Altus Receivables Management has helped businesses across industries with B2B debt collections. Our reach spans multiple industries and countries, and we can help you feel more confident in your accounts receivables cycle.

Commercial debt collection agencies improve processes and results with no hidden fees. Consider Altus Receivables Management for the following industries.


The transportation industry has many regulations, tariffs, shipping costs, and responsible parties. Understanding and keeping track of these details is crucial for successful receivables recovery. Altus Receivables Management works with businesses that transport goods and services, manage fleet operations or provide transportation technology. We can help with compliance and keep track of your bills, receivables and cash flow.

Financial Services and Alternative Lending

If you are part of the financial industry, coping with change, investments and risk are necessary challenges. Our team has over 25 years of experience serving financial clients and alternative lending clients with industry information. We can help manage new regulations, monitor security processes and improve cash flow, even with the most complex accounts.

Software & Technology

When you work in the technology and software industries, collecting debts is more of a challenge than most would expect. Although collecting limited amounts of owed funds has become an acceptable standard for many B2B debt collections for tech operations, you can achieve better results with Altus.


Manufacturing has become an intricate industry with multiple production levels and diverse partners. We know there are many moving parts, from numerous vendors to varying supply sources.

When you want to optimize your manufacturing collections process, we can reach partners globally in 66 countries. We have the professional technology and staff to work through economic and partner challenges at every stage.

Professional Services

Altus Receivables Management helps the professional industry with B2B delinquent receivables collections. Health care, consulting, law firms and accountants can benefit from our services. We stick with your company goals and create a personalized plan to meet them.

Vendor Credits Expertise

Retailers can use Altus Receivables Management to reduce write-offs and improve direct cash flow through vendor credits resolution, debit balances and contractual adjustments. We can track payments and see that you receive the correct amount as soon as possible. We ensure your vendor credits are paid, refunded or applied to other bills while boosting your internal revenue and combating losses.

Media and Advertising

As the media industry changes, you need ways to collect from your investments and partnerships that retain relationships. We can help you position yourself as an industry leader, monitor all transactions from start to finish and improve client retention rates.

Medical Wholesale

Altus Receivables Management works with health care distributors to create a designated collections plan that works for your business. Medical, pharmaceutical and dental supplies circulate a complex industry, and we can keep your company afloat and minimize lost revenue. Our team repairs relationships while monitoring your cash flow.

Small Businesses

If you have a small or medium-sized business, you know how vital a strong bottom line is for success. Working with the experts at a B2B collection company like Altus Receivables Management helps you increase your cash flow.

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