Frequently Asked Questions

Altus has best-of-breed technology, complete security and compliance management, a menu of complimentary services, the scale to manage large volumes of placements and the flexibility to build custom solutions.

Age is an important factor in the decision to place a customer into collections. Most companies place accounts into collections at or around 90 days past due.

However, if you are unable to contact your customer regarding a past due amount, if they are not returning your calls, or if you see or hear things that indicate your customer may be in financial trouble, you should consider placing the account into collections regardless of age.

Learn more about how old debt collection works.

Yes, Altus offers foreign collections. Altus is the exclusive North American Agency Member of the Coface Global network. This gives Altus the ability to collect in over 60 countries including in-country resources and native languages.

Yes. Altus boasts an industry-leading customer portal that is accessible 24/7.

This portal allows you access from anywhere, including mobile devices. All client data is encrypted and protected. You can process electronic payments, debit, credit and ACH right from the portal and view activity, including calls and emails.

First-party collections refer to a company using its own employees to collect unpaid invoices. When you hire Altus for first-party collections services, you can expect branded external communication through a dedicated telephone number and email address.

Third-party collections are collections efforts made by a collections agency, outside of the original crediting company.

If we are unable to collect an account through traditional means, Altus can manage the legal process and secure a lawsuit on your behalf.

Our 3rd party fee is contingent on sucessful collections. If we don’t collect, there is no fee.

This is common. If this happens, refer the debtor back to us and avoid further contact with them.

It depends on the statute of limitations for the state you’re in, but in general, commercial debts do not age well. “Collectibility” declines rapidly and it is best to take action sooner than later.

Altus’ proprietary collection process relies on the skill and experience of our collectors and our multi-stage approach that includes a pre-litigation phase.

Altus collects the majority of debts within 90 days of placement.