Equipment Rental Collection Services

Many small and midsize businesses lack the funds and storage space to buy the heavy-duty equipment they need outright. Instead, they come to you, a rental equipment supplier, and rent the machines they require. Often, this agreement is an excellent arrangement, as the business receives the equipment they need for short-term jobs at prices they can afford, and you can profit and invest in more heavy-duty equipment to expand your business.

Sometimes this process stops working as it should. Interruptions may be as simple as a subcontractor forgetting to pay their bill on time. However, others may have no intention of paying off their rental agreement. Either way, missed payments affect your business and keep you from getting the money your clients owe. When that happens, you need people with experience in equipment rental collections to ensure failure to pay doesn’t affect your bottom line.

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At Altus, we want to do more than recover your money. Our mission is to understand your goals and expectations for your collections so that we can do our best to meet and exceed them.

Our knowledgeable staff, combined with some of the best equipment available for collections, give you the highest probability of rectifying your past due accounts.

What Happens When Heavy-Duty Rental Accounts Are Past Due?

If your clients’ heavy-duty rental accounts are past due, you need someone who can pursue the money you’ve earned. However, you and your staff likely already have enough to think about without contacting other businesses to seek payment. That’s where Altus comes in. Our specialty is managing, balancing, and maintaining accounts receivable by collecting debts owed to you.

Our team of professionals has worked with companies all over the world to provide the B2B debt collection support they need to keep their businesses running smoothly. Since 1994, we’ve worked with financial services, technology and software companies, manufacturing industries, and other B2B businesses, securing our spot as the top commercial collections agency in North America. Our services cover:

When you need complete control over your business’s financial security, Altus will be there. Our experts will do everything we can to ensure you get the money you’re owed and continue your company’s growth. You’ll also have access to our collections platform, which keeps you up to date on your accounts receivable and lets you know when you need to take a closer look at your clients’ debts.

Let Altus be Your Heavy Equipment Rental Debt Company

Managing accounts receivable for heavy-duty equipment rentals takes a watchful eye and attention to detail. With rental customers, you’re taking on additional risks of them constantly moving or damaging your equipment, then returning it in less than ideal conditions.

When considering your company’s day-to-day operations, you don’t have the time to think about whether your clients pay their bills on time or take care of your property. With Altus, our experts ensure you receive your well-earned funds, even when the rental and return process creates unexpected issues.

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If you’re ready to take on some extra peace of mind, connect with Altus today. You can reach us online or by calling 800-509-6060. With decades of experience working with companies like you in dozens of countries worldwide, we’ll get the job done, supporting your company’s financial and operational success.