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Accounts Receivable for Software & Technology Companies

When you work in the technology and software industries, collecting debts is more of a challenge than most would expect. Although collecting limited amounts of owed funds has become an acceptable standard for many B2B debt collections for tech operations, you can achieve better results. Altus is here to help you get more of your money back in every situation.

At Altus, we want to do more than recover your money. Our mission is to understand your goals and expectations for your collections so that we can do our best to meet and exceed them.

Our knowledgeable staff, combined with some of the best equipment available for collections, give you the highest probability of rectifying your past due accounts.

The Importance of Debt Collection Services for Technology Companies

The longer your clients stay in debt to you, the less likely they will pay it off without intervention. This intervention requires conversations, negotiations and agreements to retrieve your money while maintaining a positive relationship with your customers, and these conversations are our specialty.

Introducing ARM STRONG™

When it comes to commercial collection services for software brands, there’s no better choice than ARM STRONG™, our proprietary automated collections system. With ARM STRONG, you come first. The software is designed to eliminate your pain points while making amounts owed and upcoming payments clear to you and easy for your clients to access, resulting in more money at lower costs.

The ARM STRONG software includes:

  • A customer portal you can use to access real-time information from anywhere.
  • A secure, encrypted platform to hold relevant data.
  • An easy place for clients to make payments 24/7.
  • A way to monitor all communication between you and your clients.
How Much Debt Has Altus Collected For Software & SAAS Companies Over The Last 5 Years?

$85 Million

How Altus Can Help

Only the best B2B debt collectors can access these industry-leading tools, so you can feel confident that Altus is the ideal option for technology collections. While ARM STRONG can handle many of the day-to-day collections processes, our employees are a phone call away whenever you have questions or need more assistance with your finances. We also make sure:

  • Unpaid debts get reported to commercial credit bureaus.
  • We use proven contact methods to encourage indebted customers to pay what they owe you.
  • You stay up-to-date on every debt development as soon as it happens.

Contact Altus to Get Started

Get the funds you’re owed more often and more consistently with Altus. Our team has spent over 30 years working in collections for global companies in nearly every industry. Regardless of the field you’re in or the customers you work with, our employees can handle your debt collection services. And with our ARM STRONG technology, you can feel confident that your debt collections process is working effectively, getting you the most money back to reinvest in your brand.

Learn more about how you can streamline your collections process by connecting with us today. We’ll take you through our strategy and get you set up with the most effective solutions worldwide. Take your business to the next level now with Altus.