International Debt Collection

Altus has a network of physical collection offices in 67 countries around the globe

Through a longstanding partnership with Coface, Altus can collect in-country wherever your debtor is located. This advantage drives higher performance on international debt placements. Our in-country resources, combined with our U.S.-based International Team, ensures the best service level on your international placements.

Our accounts receivables management company has the resources to collect commercial (B2B) debt from companies across the world. Whether you need to track and collect debt in your home nation or abroad, Altus has the resources to help you claim what’s yours.

Altus brings collections with a presence in 111 countries worldwide. Single POC for both international and domestic.

Partner With The Industry's Most Experienced Commercial Debt Collection Agency

At Altus, we distinguish ourselves from the pack by filling our team with the most experienced and trusted commercial debt collectors. Our staff has 12 years of experience on average, each team member working with clients in numerous industries. Experience enables each Altus debt collection expert to achieve the best result for their clients, even internationally.

We understand your market’s complexities and the debt-collecting regulations you must operate within.

altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Why Choose a Large Firm for Overseas Debt Collection?

When collecting commercial (B2B) debt from international businesses, you’ll need to balance various regulations and barriers that complicate the process. Altus has the capacity and experience to handle complex global claims.

As North America’s largest commercial collections company, Altus has the personnel, experience, and technology to produce the best outcome for your organization. With over 200+ experienced commercial collectors on staff, we’re large enough to navigate your case’s most intricate details while ensuring a fast turnaround.

With a longstanding partnership with an international network, Altus can collect in-country wherever your debtor is located

Compliance Is Critical

Collecting debt internationally involves sharing sensitive data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets standards that protect European debtors’ data and privacy. Altus understands and applies international debt collection process regulations in all technology and practices.

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Increase Your Cash Flow with Altus Receivables Management

Collecting debts from international commercial debtors requires resources that your organization may not have readily available. Altus Receivables Management is an international debt collection agency with a substantial network of experienced commercial collectors and attorneys. We provide timely debt collection services that satisfy all legal requirements and produce the highest returns. Contact us online to get started.