International Debt Collection

Altus has a network of physical collection offices in 67 countries around the globe

Altus Receivables Management may be the top commercial collections firm in North America, but North American companies are not the only ones we serve. Thanks to our international partnerships, we’re certified to complete overseas debt collection with your most challenging clients.

While Altus is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, our services span around the globe. We have nearly 70 offices internationally to collect your B2B debts anywhere, in any time zone. Whenever you and your clients are awake, so are we, ready to pursue international debt collection on your time.

Altus brings collections with a presence in 111 countries worldwide. Single POC for both international and domestic.

Partner With The Industry's Most Experienced Commercial Debt Collection Agency

At Altus, we distinguish ourselves from the pack by filling our team with the most experienced and trusted commercial debt collectors. Our staff has 12 years of experience on average, each team member working with clients in numerous industries. Experience enables each Altus debt collection expert to achieve the best result for their clients, even internationally.

We understand your market’s complexities and the debt-collecting regulations you must operate within.

altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Our Collection Process for International Companies

When you work across oceans and time zones, it can be a challenge to sync your schedules with the businesses who want your services, and even more difficult to stay in contact with them to collect their payments and stay on top of debts. Altus is here to be your solution.

We maintain a longstanding partnership with Coface, an international credit insurer that gives us the backup we need to pursue collections around the world. Along with our physical offices around the world, we have a presence in over 100 countries, helping us navigate domestic and international collections with ease.

With a longstanding partnership with an international network, Altus can collect in-country wherever your debtor is located

Ready to Handle New Rules and Regulations

International debt collection brings with it a range of complications that you may not deal with when working with domestic customers. Namely, most countries have differing rules and regulations surrounding how a debt collector can and cannot interact with their debtors. Furthermore, interacting with foreign organizations means understanding key cultural differences and, in many cases, speaking a different language to ensure accurate collections.

With more than 30 years of experience in working with international debts, Altus is well-practiced in navigating all these concerns and more. We’ve studied the collection regulations in many countries, and if we haven’t worked with the countries you serve before, we’ll take the time to learn. We keep many multilingual debt collectors on staff who can accurately communicate with your clients without offending through cultural differences or affecting the goodwill in your working relationship.

Why Choose Altus?

Altus is fully licensed and bonded across North America, and our certifications give us an edge in international collections as well. Our case studies show our successes in North America and abroad — successes won by our incredible collections experts and unique technology support. We approach every case using our best skills to reach an agreement, and our extensive legal network ensures every debt we take on reaches a satisfactory conclusion so you can focus on every other part of making your business thrive.

Our Certifications

Staying compliant with all local and international guidance is critical to our success. That’s why we keep a number of certifications and memberships up to date to prove our commitment to collecting debts legally and ethically. Our memberships and certifications include connections with:

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • The International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC)

Contact Your Global Collections Agency Today

Between our in-country resources in hundreds of locations and our U.S.-based international team, foreign debt collection is possible no matter how far your business may reach. Contact us online and tell us more about the companies you do business with, and we’ll connect you with the domestic or international professionals who can help you best.

Increase Your Cash Flow with Altus Receivables Management

Collecting debts from international commercial debtors requires resources that your organization may not have readily available. Altus Receivables Management is an international debt collection agency with a substantial network of experienced commercial collectors and attorneys. We provide timely debt collection services that satisfy all legal requirements and produce the highest returns. Contact us online to get started.