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Commercial Debt Collection Services

For 30 years, Altus has been the go-to commercial collections partner for thousands of businesses across North America. Our collection experts utilize the most cutting-edge technology to offer personalized services for every company we work with.

Outsource 1st Party Collections

Altus can extend your internal collections team to enhance portfolio coverage and A/R performance. By outsourcing 1st-party collections, you can achieve broader portfolio coverage and focus your internal team on dispute resolution and higher value accounts. We handle everything from hiring and training to coaching and collection practices. Choose our comprehensive team of professionals to enhance your existing staff.

Place 3rd Party Collections

Put Altus on your most troublesome A/R challenges and achieve a higher level of liquidation. With third-party collection services, you gain access to the largest commercial collections company in North America. We have the resources to improve return for every client in any industry.

You’ll receive a dedicated account manager to handle your case. They’ll create a strategy to inform and collect from your business clients.

Credit Intelligence

Is that new prospect/customer a potential credit risk? In-depth data and analytics can show you. If you want to scan your clients before committing to a deal, let us help you leverage Altus’ customized credit report solutions to make the most informed decisions.

We can perform full credit reports, collect public records, track their spending habits and more. We get our data from reputable sources so you can feel confident in each customer report.

Asset & Liability Reports

Researching a partnership, M&A, joint venture or strategic investment? In-depth data Background Reports can help.

Before you start any business venture, it’s essential to have as much information as possible. With a thorough understanding of financial risks, you can improve transaction safety. Our researchers will analyze any joint venture or merger and identify potential issues and risks associated with the partnership.

Recover International Debt

Through our partnership with Coface, an international credit insurer, Altus has access to a network of physical debt collection offices in 67 countries around the globe. We can help to recover any international debt with in-country resources, wherever your debtor is located.

With a longstanding partnership with an international network, Altus can collect in-country wherever your debtor is located

Altus can help you stay compliant with international collection laws and follow the necessary procedures. With our help, you can see higher returns and lower bad debt, regardless of your industry, or your debtor’s location.

Legal Forwarding Services

Our legal forwarding services accommodate your accounts that require legal action. We have an extensive national network of highly experienced commercial collection attorneys who can represent your case to drive the most favorable resolution. Trust our team to handle the entire legal process when normal collection efforts are exhausted.

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