3rd Party Commercial Debt Collection

Third-Party Commercial Debt Collectors

Trust Altus with your most troublesome A/R accounts and increase your cash flow

Altus Receivables Management is a third-party commercial debt collection agency with the resources to secure the highest possible recovery rate for every client. As the largest commercial debt collections company in North America, we’re uniquely capable of activating dedicated teams and innovative technology to realize the return you deserve.

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Why Choose Altus?

Altus has the resources and debt collection expertise to secure the highest return for every client. As an Altus client, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Experience: Altus agents have an average of 12 years of experience with debt collection in various industries.
  • Size: With over 300+ commercial collection professionals spanning all North American time zones and 67 countries worldwide, we have the personnel to embrace clients of all sizes with equal rigor.
  • Technology: Our cloud-based digital data analytics system automates functions like payment processing, tracking and client outreach.

Experience Matters in 3rd-Party Outsourced Collections

Your business is unique, so it makes sense to partner with third-party debt collectors with the experience to navigate your industry’s intricacies. For over 25 years, Altus has leveraged top talent and technology to assist businesses in some of the most complex industries. We do our due diligence to operate within relevant regulations while realizing the return you deserve. Over the years we’ve mastered our debt collection practices so we can serve you better.

Exclusive Legal Escalation

When a tough collection challenge requires legal action or a debt collection lawsuit, Altus offers pre-litigation legal services through an exclusive partnership with a Collections Law Office at no extra cost to you. Our 100% dedicated partnership provides you with full-service debt collection services, from pre-litigation through judgment.

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Tracking down, communicating with and securing payments from delinquent clients takes significant effort. Augment your team with the debt collection experts at Altus Receivables Management. Our agents will use extensive experience and our innovative technology to ensure an efficient collections process that ends with the highest recovery rate. We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss how Altus third-party collections team can improve your situation.

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