Business Credit Reports

Is that customer a potential credit risk?

In-depth data and analytics can show you

Smart business decisions begin with smart business reporting. Altus Business Credit Reports deliver invaluable data and analytics you can use to make smart credit decisions that increase opportunity and mitigate risk. By providing high-level insights about your potential customer’s credit history, Altus reporting can help you decide whether to do business with them.

Altus’s Business Credit Report data is compiled from reputable credit reporting agencies — so you can rest assured that you’re receiving accurate, comprehensive information. Our trained professionals can make sure you understand every line of your report through our business credit report analysis.

What Comes in an Altus Business Credit Report?

Altus Business Credit Reports include all this data:

  • Trade date: The full date on which the order is applied to the market.
  • Credit risk score: Businesses have their own credit reports that explain their payment history to other companies. Similarly, various risk assessment auditors each have their own range to describe creditworthiness.
  • Full credit reports: Get a record of all your past payments, payment trends, debts, and company information, including employees and annual sales.
  • Monthly and quarterly trends: Understand how your business’s money fluctuates throughout the year to prepare for future sales and plan out fundraisers, renovations, and more.
  • Public record data: Some information on your debts, payments and possible bankruptcies are public record, meaning anyone can access it. Knowing what the public can find out about your business will help you improve your reputation.
  • Credit limit recommendation: Altus will provide you with a credit amount that you can manage well without raising your debt or taking on excessive interest. You’ll better understand your business’s finances and how you can proceed from here.

Why Should Your Business Invest?

You know how essential individual credit reports can be to working with lenders in the future. Your business credit report is all the more important as it can help secure loans and assistance to keep your business running smoothly year-round.

Every business has goals for the future. Get your business credit report and plan for whatever comes next to achieve your aims. Whatever industry you’re in, having a good understanding of where your business stands going into these conversations will help you prepare for the long term.

Prepare For Potential Risks

Business credit reports are all about preparation. They ensure you understand how others view your business. These reports may even help you discover errors attached to your business’s finances and credit scoring that you can dispute and fix.

You’ll also be able to run the risk assessment of working with certain individuals or other companies seeking a partnership or loan. Having a better understanding of the possibilities will ensure you only enter into the best agreements for your business.

Contact Altus To Get Started

Altus Receivables Management has spent more than three decades helping companies understand their business credit reports, credit history, risk assessment, and payment trends so they can gain confidence in their credit to cash cycle and keep their business in order.

If your company is ready to take business credit management to the next level, contact us today!