Oil Debt Collection Agency

For most companies, the gas and oil industry is an unpredictable but necessary part of their business. As a gas and oil supplier, you have something that everyone needs, like food and employees. This demand puts you in a lucrative position to make the most of your gas sales, even when your prices fluctuate daily.

Though businesses factor oil and gas expenses into their financial plans, you may find delinquent accounts that their owners refuse to pay. When that happens, it’s time to connect with Altus, your solution for all accounts receivable concerns.

Speak to an Oil & Gas Collection Expert

At Altus, we want to do more than recover your money. Our mission is to understand your goals and expectations for your collections so that we can do our best to meet and exceed them.

Our knowledgeable staff, combined with some of the best equipment available for collections, give you the highest probability of rectifying your past due accounts.

B2B Collection Services for Gas Companies

Waiting for companies to pay you costs your business time and money. When an account is past due, you may have to suspend operations for your employees to reach out and request payment. If the client doesn’t respond, taking further steps to seek compensation uses more resources until you receive the money you’re owed or move on without payment. The longer it takes to get your payment, the less likely you are to receive it at all.

Altus serves as a lower-cost solution to this process. We’ll handle communicating with and searching for those in charge of past due accounts, letting your employees stay focused on core business operations. Our team dedicates itself to helping you resolve oil and gas delinquent accounts. We strive to serve you and ensure you reach a satisfactory arrangement with the client.

Get Oil and Gas Delinquent Accounts in Order With Altus

When you’re thinking about supplying enough gas and oil to your clients, the last thing you have time to think about is debt collection on delinquent accounts. Altus will ensure you get the money you’ve earned so you can continue having a successful, expanding business. We have certifications from many of the most common commercial collections certifiers, ensuring you know you’re putting your accounts receivable in good hands.

Our AR management services help cover your:

  • Data collection and analysis: As the leading commercial collections company in North America, we have the best software to match. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to the ARM STRONG™ platform, which provides real-time updates on which of your buyers have paid on time and which have outstanding debt.
  • Buyer communication and resolution: With our top-of-the-line software as our guide, we contact your buyers when it’s almost time for their next payment. For delinquent accounts, we use litigation-free methods to track down the money owed to you and settle any disputes.

Safeguard Your Success With Oil and Gas Collections

You’re an expert in what you do and deserve an oil debt collection agency familiar with your industry. We’ve helped hundreds of companies in dozens of countries globally find B2B collection services that work, and we hope your gas and oil company is next. Our team collects the money you’ve already earned, ensuring you have the resources to maintain and expand your business. If you’re ready to outsource the responsibility of oil and gas collections, contact us online or at 800-509-6060.