Optimize Your Financial Efficiency with Altus:
Your Trusted Partner within the IQVIA Family

Since 2020, Altus has played a crucial role in optimizing IQVIA’s financial processes by effectively managing late-stage past-due receivables. Over the last two years, our successful collaboration has spanned across 8 international and 5 domestic divisions, achieving significant recoveries of significantly past due receivables.

Our tailored collection strategies not only ensure the recovery of outstanding receivables but also contribute to enhancing IQVIA’s financial workflows. Skillfully navigating global intricacies, Altus has seamlessly integrated into IQVIA’s financial operations, fostering overall efficiency and success.

As our partnership continues to evolve, Altus is ready to extend our proven expertise to new divisions within IQVIA. You can confidently trust Altus to recover debts and make a positive impact on the financial well-being of your IQVIA division.

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