Culture and Values

How our culture drives us
Exactly what you would expect from North America’s #1 commercial collections firm

Our culture is driven by our six core values, which inform everything we do.


As a model for the industry, we do the right thing, and always do things right. We never waiver from the highest ethical standards in our work, our behaviors, our speech and our actions. We are trustworthy and dependable and always fair. We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them and hold ourselves and each other accountable.


We work with urgency and optimism to deliver better outcomes every day for our clients and for each other. With focus and determination, we strive to do things faster, smarter and more efficiently. We take ownership of our clients’ goals and measure progress. We celebrate our achievements and share in their success.


As peak performers, we are in constant learning mode, committed to advancing our knowledge and expanding our skill sets. We are natural pattern seekers and active idea hunters. We question, observe, probe and clarify. We learn from many sources: books, news, trends, criticism, and conversations. Where others see data, we see insights. Where others hear banter, we listen for opportunities.


We openly share our time and talent with our clients and each other. We connect through trust, transparency and openness. We value diversity in experience, perspectives, backgrounds and thinking. We look at ideas on their merit, not the tenure or status of their source.


We take a long-term view in our relationships. We connect with clients on deeper levels with respect, honesty and shared commitment. We strive to identify our clients’ real needs, to listen to fully understand their true pressures and priorities. And learn how to better serve them over time.


We are committed to creating real and measurable value for our clients that exceeds expectations. We look to enhance and advance their financial capabilities, in ways they can see, feel and measure. We create competitive advantage and bottom-line impact, every day.