C-Suite raises bar by measuring innovation brought from outsourcing partnerships

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – February 5, 2018

Today, many executives ask themselves “How do I innovate when my resources are spent on the regulatory landscape, legacy systems, protecting our reputation, and growing competition?” To overcome these challenges, the C-Suite often times looks to business process outsourcing (BPO) to decrease the burden of work so that they can focus on their core competencies. Savvy executives are raising the bar by measuring their service providers on not only cost savings but also how they grow the business through innovation.

In line with this trend, Altus Global Trade Solutions, a leading technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, announced today the launch of a cloud-based offering, ARMStrongTM, that will give their clients improved business performance as well as create opportunities for transformation.

“ARMStrongTM is the result of evaluating and filtering many offerings in the market place and merging it into a proprietary approach that empowers our customers in their credit to cash cycle,” says Jim McDermott, chief operating officer, Altus Global Trade Solutions.

According to a recent survey of executives, over 30% of respondents stated that they traditionally viewed outsourcing as a cost cutting method but many now leverage their partners for innovation.  Specific areas of application are customer experiences, business processes, M&A activity and motivating specific behaviors.

“In order for our clients to achieve a competitive advantage at a faster pace we look beyond decreasing costs.  We help them continuously improve and innovate,” says Tom Brenan, IV, president, Altus Global Trade Solutions.

About Altus Global Trade Solutions

Altus Global Trade Solutions is a technology enabled BPO firm helping leading companies gain new levels of confidence and control over their credit to cash cycle. We combine the most advanced technology with the largest international network of trained, certified professionals to streamline first and third-party asset recovery at the highest levels of security and compliance.   Backed by our world-class ARM Managed Services Team, we gather and analyze rich insights and best practices at every step to continuously improve and enhance your entire receivables management process in ways you can see, feel and measure. For more information, visit www.trustaltus.com or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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