North America’s Largest Commercial Collection Agency, Altus GTS Inc., Expands Its Market Position With Affiliate Deal

KENNER, LA – April 16, 2018 

Altus GTS Inc., the largest commercial collection agency in North America, announced that it concluded a major Affiliate transaction with Paladin Commercial Group (“Paladin”).  Paladin, based in suburban Denver, Colorado, is a leading boutique debt recovery firm with over 20 years experience.  Paladin brings a unique investigative approach to debt recovery, which has provided its clients superior liquidation rates and results.

Paladin became a member of the Altus Affiliate network of small-to-mid-sized agencies to expand its capabilities and improve its performance. 

Paladin will leverage Altus’ advanced collection automation system, called ARM StrongTM, which is built in partnership with, one of the most popular and proven systems in the industry. ARM Strong automates and streamlines key functions of the debt collections process, reducing costs and boosting cash flow performance at every level.

Additionally, Paladin will leverage Altus’ significant investment in back office infrastructure for its accounting, licensing and bonding, regulatory compliance, reporting, marketing, and other services.

Paladin’s clients will now have the best of both worlds; the laser focus and attention to client collection accounts that a boutique agency affords, coupled with the large-firm benefits and safety of industry-leading technology, systems, regulatory compliance, and Trust accounting.

“This transaction continues the strong growth trajectory of Altus’ network of Affiliated agencies, with its combined and fully integrated best practices, provides corporate clients throughout North America with a broader suite of accounts receivable management services,” said Altus President & CEO Tom Brenan.

“Paladin Commercial Group’s joining Altus’ growing platform of outsourced credit, collection and BPO services will allow us to achieve even higher standards of service and provide broader solutions to our clients,” said Dan Duncan, a President of Paladin.  “Paladin remains independently owned and operated, and dedicated to its core principle of recovering delinquent monies for our clients”, continued Duncan.

About Altus

Altus is a global Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) firm helping leading companies streamline and improve their entire order to cash cycle.  Altus has recovered more than $1.7 billion in cash for its clients, while at the same time helping them reduce operating costs and improve performance by outsourcing certain non-core processes.