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Debt collection is essential to keeping your B2B operation moving. When your clients don’t pay their debts, you don’t have the funds to invest in your future and continue giving credit. However, sending multiple invoices and repeatedly contacting your debtors takes time away from doing other things that matter. Altus Receivables Management is Florida’s debt collection agency of choice, ensuring businesses like yours get the money they’re owed while they continue to pursue their goals.

Streamline Debt Collection With Altus

Why Choose Altus for Florida Debt Collection?

  • Experience: Altus has been collecting commercial debt for over 30 years and our collectors have an average of 12 years of experience.
  • Size: Altus is the largest B2B debt collection company in the U.S. and has the resources to support you regardless of size or debtor location.
  • Industry expertise: Our experts support clients in numerous industries by learning the fine details and regulations that apply.
  • Technology: We use ARM STRONG™, our proprietary, industry-leading, end-to-end collections platform that provides 24/7 access to detailed claim information with 100% transparency to all collector activities, payment and call recordings.
  • Variety of services: We offer first-party collections, third-party collections, international collections, legal services and more.

Our Commercial Collection Services

As your reliable local debt collectors, we’re ready to help get more of your money back, and we have several avenues we can use to do it. If you prefer to communicate with debtors as though you have an internal collections team, our professionals will operate as part of your organization. We can also take on your debts as a third party, taking the work of contacting your debtors and disputing charges off your plate while communicating as a separate entity.

Whatever you decide, know that our experts will use all the knowledge they’ve gained through years of hands-on experience to improve returns on collections. Our services have helped businesses across the United States, and we can contact debtors in nearly 70 countries worldwide. Our certifications and partnerships allow us to work beyond Florida and throughout every jurisdiction in North America to secure payments for even the largest companies.

The last line of defense in our commercial services is legal forwarding. When one of your clients refuses to settle their debt, our network of commercial collection attorneys will be ready to fight for your case until it reaches an agreement.


altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Understand Your Investments

Aside from handling the debt collection needs for your Florida operation, Altus offers a number of other services aimed at lowering your chances of losing financial capital. For example, when a new client approaches you or you have a new prospect in mind, order a custom credit intelligence report to get an idea of what you’re working with. Our team will compile information like their credit score and spending habits so you can make the best decision for your company.

Looking at investments or joint partnerships instead? Our asset and liability services can give you a complete overview of potential risks and benefits. Our research team is skilled in venture analysis and will present you with new perspectives to consider before you move forward with your plans.

Experience Powerful Technology

Working with Altus also affords you access to our exclusive technology, most notably through ARM STRONG™. This state-of-the-art platform gives you a 24/7 portal to all debtor information, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. See payments, invoices, call history, and credit simultaneously through an easy-to-use, encrypted software portal, ensuring your clients’ information stays safe while you watch it closely.

Resources for Florida Collection Agencies

Get in Touch With Your Local Debt Collectors

When you need a new tool in your arsenal to maintain accounts receivable, Altus is prepared to take on your collections and increase returns. Our team has more than three decades of experience, during which time we’ve worked with hundreds of brands in a range of industries. Let us start restoring your confidence in your cash-to-credit cycle. You can reach our Florida collection agency online or at 833-454-1273.

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