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Among Vermont’s picturesque Green Mountain landscape and charming small towns, many businesses operate throughout the state. While this New England state is small, it’s home to several prominent industries, including agribusiness and manufacturing. Part of maintaining a successful business involves managing debts owed to your company.

Tracking down delinquent debtors and managing your accounts receivable takes significant effort. When it’s piled on top of all the other tasks necessary to run your business, this process might leave you seeking additional help. Altus Receivables Manager provides services including debt collection and reporting capabilities to support your organization.

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Altus is a full-service collection agency in Vermont. Our knowledgeable professionals and technology-enabled solutions support your business operations by maximizing recoveries. We are fully compliant with all debt collection agency guidelines to ensure a legal collection process. Offices around the globe mean that while we serve you in Vermont, we can collect from your debtors wherever they are.

Our primary services are commercial collections. When you want to do more with less staff, you can use our first-party collections services to bolster your team. We work as an extension of your organization and under your name to provide a reliable experience for debtors. Your more troublesome accounts may benefit from a different approach. As third-party collectors, we will secure the return you deserve.

Sometimes, debt collection cases may require legal action to achieve returns. When these situations occur, Altus provides legal escalation for higher and faster collection. Our pre-litigation research expedites your suit. We also serve credit insurance claims collections with research and legal expertise to resolve these cases.

Certain businesses have long histories of nonpayment. Knowing a company’s credit history may lead you to refrain from doing business with them due to the higher risk. Use our commercial credit reports to discover financial information about potential partners. We provide asset and liability reports to aid decision-making about possible mergers.

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The Markets We Serve

Businesses across different industries require varied approaches to collections. The reasons for nonpayment and other essential factors change depending on the sector. Altus has professionals with expertise in various industries. We serve many prominent sectors with debt collection in Vermont, including:

Benefits We Bring

Altus is North America’s leading collection firm for a reason. Here are a few benefits we bring to the businesses we work with:

  • Our service record extends back to 1994, meaning we have years of practical experience in the industry.
  • We employ professionals with decades of experience to bring unique and tailored approaches to collections.
  • While we are international, we give the feel of a local debt collector by accounting for each business’s needs.
  • Our ARM STRONG™ software automates debt collection while giving you convenient access to our experts.

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