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The Appalachian state of West Virginia boasts stunning natural beauty and several prominent industries. The location was once known primarily for mining but has since expanded into areas like manufacturing and agribusiness as well. Altus provides receivables management services for companies across multiple sectors. Our services promote reliable cash flow to keep your business operating at its best.

As a business seeking commercial collection services, you have much to consider, including the variety and level of services offered. With our company, you get North America’s foremost commercial collections firm. We’ve earned this reputation through our extensive service offerings, professional team, and technology solutions.

Spotlight on Our Services

Whether you need outsourced back-office support or third-party collections, we have sophisticated offerings to serve you. We can even utilize our connections in 67 countries to collect global debts. Our back-office support covers every aspect of accounts receivable management, saving you time and money on hiring internal staff. When you need additional help securing payment from delinquent debtors, we seek recoveries as a third party. Our team can cover the toughest collection challenges with a personalized approach suiting your business.

At Altus, we do more than just debt collection in West Virginia. Come to us for support with financial reporting or legal intervention. We provide services like:

altus is certified by the industry's most respected associationsAltus Industry Connections

Every industry has its unique jargon and methods of operation. Knowing these specifics aids the debt collection processes because it creates stronger relationships. Our experts have decades of collections experience across many industries and know what matters to you and your customers. A few prominent sectors we serve in West Virginia include:

We can also cover less common industries, such as vendor creditsconstructionequipment rental, and technology. Our team works with various sizes of businesses, including small to midsize companies. Plus, our extensive industry expertise means a better success rate in commercial collections, leading to better business operations.

Why Clients Trust Us

Trust matters in collections processes because your business needs a steady cash flow. We offer a variety of benefits to customers that increase trust, and our operations meet all licensing and bonding standards in West Virginia. We also have certifications from leading collections and accounting agencies that are a testament to our expertise. These agencies include:

  • International Association of Commercial Collectors
  • Commercial Law League of America
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Commercial Collection Agencies of America

We also offer complete transparency regarding all activities for clients. Our local debt collectors keep you updated at every stage of the collection process. If you ever have any questions, you can use our proprietary ARM STRONG™ software for direct communication with our team.

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