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Altus Receivables Management is proud to be Connecticut’s commercial collection services solution. We know the ins and outs of commercial debt collection and strive to establish security for your brand by working with your debtors and fighting for your financial success.

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Why Choose Altus for Connecticut Debt Collection?

  • Experience: Altus has been collecting commercial debt for over 30 years and our collectors have an average of 12 years of experience.
  • Size: Altus is the largest B2B debt collection company in the U.S. and has the resources to support you regardless of size or debtor location.
  • Industry expertise: Our experts support clients in numerous industries by learning the fine details and regulations that apply.
  • Technology: We use ARM STRONG™, our proprietary, industry-leading, end-to-end collections platform that provides 24/7 access to detailed claim information with 100% transparency to all collector activities, payment and call recordings.
  • Variety of services: We offer first-party collections, third-party collections, international collections, legal services and more.

Our Commercial Collection Services

Keeping your business on top takes constant effort, and handling outstanding debts is just one thing on the list of many that you have to deal with every day. With Altus taking on that process for you, you reclaim your time while still getting paid.

Outsourcing first-party collections is a wise choice for many B2B operations, and Altus will make sure you’re set up to succeed by having our team act as an extension of yours. All debt-related communication with your clients will appear to originate from within your organization.

You can also have us contact your clients as a third party for a more hands-off approach that keeps collections out of your relationships. Our agents are highly skilled in negotiation and resolving disputes, claiming some of the highest return rates in the industry.

When you choose Altus, we use everything in our arsenal to drive results for you. We’ve partnered with an international credit insurer so we can work out debts in almost 70 countries, and if we exhaust our usual avenues of collection, our legal team will help you manage matters with ease.


altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Why Altus?

After more than 30 years of serving as Connecticut’s go-to debt collection agency, our skills have developed and reached far beyond the scope of your everyday collection services. Over time, we’ve brought more experts and researchers onto our team, allowing us to deliver services like:

  • Credit reporting: We know how to find vital information on nearly any potential client or prospect you’re considering working with. We’ll develop a report using public records so you can review their credit score and financial history before you decide to take them on.
  • Asset and liability management: When you have the right information, you can make the right investments. Our custom asset and liability reports will lay out information on the benefits and drawbacks of any investment, partnership, or venture, giving you what you need to decide whether it’s worthwhile for your company to move forward with that option.
  • ARM STRONG™: For matters of debt collection, our ARM STRONG™ program delivers the power and efficiency you need to keep track of it all simultaneously. This proprietary software is exclusive to Altus and centralizes all your information so you can access it in seconds. Use it at the office or on the go and see real-time updates as your partners pay their debts.

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With our comprehensive services, unparalleled professionalism, and impressive technology, Altus has earned our spot as North America’s top debt collection agency. We’re licensed in every North American jurisdiction so we can serve you effectively. When you need support in managing your accounts receivable or advice on how to move forward with a risky investment, our commercial collection experts in Connecticut will be there to assist. Reach out online or call us at 833-454-1273 and let us prove our effectiveness.

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