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Since 1994, Altus Receivables Management has built a brand that is synonymous with professionalism, innovation, and expediency. We boast the highest debt recovery rates in the country and certifications that allow us to operate around the world to assist you through commercial collection services. Explore what our fully licensed team of collectors and proprietary technologies can do for you today.

Improve Your Recovery Rates With Altus

Why Choose Altus for Idaho Debt Collection?

  • Experience: Altus has been collecting commercial debt for over 30 years and our collectors have an average of 12 years of experience.
  • Size: Altus is the largest B2B debt collection company in the U.S. and has the resources to support you regardless of size or debtor location.
  • Industry expertise: Our experts support clients in numerous industries by learning the fine details and regulations that apply.
  • Technology: We use ARM STRONG™, our proprietary, industry-leading, end-to-end collections platform that provides 24/7 access to detailed claim information with 100% transparency to all collector activities, payment and call recordings.
  • Variety of services: We offer first-party collections, third-party collections, international collections, legal services and more.

Professional Commercial Collection Services

Our debt collection services are designed to assist you in any way necessary. Depending on your needs, this may involve:

  • First-party outsourcing: Let our professionals handle your debtors while acting under your brand name. We’ll maintain your positive relationships while reclaiming the money you’re owed.
  • Third-party collecting: Get the name recognition of the top commercial collection firm in North America when you let us take on your debts as a third party.
  • Legal escalation: When our collection efforts are in vain, we’ll take the next step at no additional fee to you. We have an expansive network of commercial collection attorneys ready to take on your case and reclaim the funds you rightfully deserve.


altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Know Your Risks

Managing your accounts receivable requires more than debt collection. Smart, successful business managers know that the key to keeping debt concerns to a minimum is to know your clients and prepare for potential risks before they ever arise. That’s why we also offer solutions in the form of:

  • Credit intelligence reports: Before you take on a new client partnership, make sure they’re trustworthy enough to maintain their end by running a credit report. Our custom credit reports give you a full picture of their business based on public records and certified credit agency information.
  • Asset and liability reports: If you’re considering a new joint venture or an acquisition, our asset and liability reporting offers a tremendous advantage. Our research team will complete a comprehensive analysis of your prospect’s history, data, employment, and advances, saving you time and ensuring you’re prepared for whatever this new adventure brings.

Superior Software Performance

Our comprehensive services set us apart, and we go above and beyond by complementing them with ARM STRONG™, our exclusive debt collection software for B2B operations. This secure, encrypted platform is made with our clients in mind, so it’s easy to use and access from anywhere. With ARM STRONG™, you’ll have round-the-clock access to all your debtor information, like invoices, trust statements, calls, and notes. This software helps us and your debtors streamline the payment process and return your funds faster than ever.

Collection Resources in Idaho

Work With Your Trusted Local Debt Collectors

Altus has spent decades serving hundreds of businesses in Idaho and beyond by being their trusted debt collection agency. We believe in 100% client transparency through every step of the collection process, and our powerful technology lets you stay up to date in real time. Whatever your industry, our team will collect your debts expediently and in accordance with all applicable regulations. Contact us through our online form to learn more.

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