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Altus provides commercial collection services to businesses in Utah. We are the largest collector in North America, bringing extensive resources to serve your company. Our team of over 200 experts provides tailored services to suit every client. Turn to us for everything from back-office receivables support to legal expertise. We utilize our extensive knowledge and technology-enabled solutions to attain high recovery rates for clients.

Businesses across many industries rely on us to support their cash flow. Whether you supply oil and gas or provide software solutions to clients, our collections agency in Utah will assist you in collecting payment. With our team backing you, you’re free to focus on essential business operations while we handle collections.

Streamline Debt Collection With Altus

A Complete Spectrum of Services

Our collections services meet your business wherever you are in the collections process. Some companies may need extra back-office staff to stay on top of collections. Our first-party debt collections provide support under your branding without you needing to hire additional staff. When you have delinquent debtors, we serve you as a third party. We’ll track down debtors and secure payment, saving your operations the time and resources of accomplishing these tasks in-house. We even have offices in 67 countries around the globe to collect debts internationally.

Companies who work with us get more than debt collection services. Our additional offerings include:

  • Credit insurance claims: Services like investigations, reports, and litigation support credit insurance claims collections. We have a team of investigators, attorneys, and collectors to lend expertise to your claims.
  • Legal escalation: As debts continue to age, collection efforts might stall. We speed the legal escalation process and often increase the size of recoveries for clients.
  • Asset and liability reports: Get the details about everything your potential partner owns and owes to determine the benefits and drawbacks of a merger, acquisition, or joint venture.
  • Business credit reports: Determine your company’s credit status or use these reports to gather information about a potential client.

altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Targeted Industry Verticals

Companies across many industry verticals do business in Utah. Here are a few of the state’s most common industries:

Our Utah collection agency serves these common industries and many more. We employ experts in these fields to smooth the collection process and effectively communicate with your debtors. In commercial debt collection, this tailored approach makes a difference in the speed and amount recovered.

Our Competitive Edge

Find a high level of professionalism and a commitment to your business when you work with Altus for collections. We have served the financial sector since 1994, meaning we know how to provide top-tier services. Our excellent communication and commitment to client security make us stand out from other businesses in our field.

Licensing and Certifications

Utah requires commercial collection agencies to carry proper licensing and bonding, but many agencies fail to meet the requirements. Altus is fully licensed and insured. We also hold certifications from top collections organizations, demonstrating our commitment to the highest-quality collections procedures.

Proprietary Software

We built an exclusive collections platform for our customers called ARM STRONG™. The solution uses Salesforce, the world’s top cloud-based customer relationship management tool. It’s easy to use and offers complete transparency for our clients.

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