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While North Dakota is known for its extensive farmland, it’s also home to other thriving industries, including oil and financial businesses. Companies in these sectors and others need receivables management services to ensure they get paid for goods or services provided. Altus is a reliable accounts receivable partner with offices in North Dakota to serve you.

We provide debt collection, legal services, and reports to manage debts owed to your business. Our services cover operations of many sizes, including small to midsize companies. With an expert team and technology-enabled solutions, your enterprise can increase debt recovery.

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Serving Your Debt Collection Needs

Whether you require research to back your decision-making processes or legal expertise for a delinquent debtor, our team provides the necessary support. The following are a few of the services related to debt collection we provide North Dakota businesses:

We work across national borders and at any stage of the debt collection process. This comprehensive approach means your business gets excellent support in accounts receivable management. When you need extra back-office assistance, we can supplement your staff while acting as a first party. In cases of delinquent debt, our experts step in as a third party to seek debt recovery. As a final measure, we provide pre-litigation research to assist in legal proceedings for collecting debts.

Our asset and liability reports provide the information your business requires during a merger or strategic partnership. We’ll give you background information on criminal, employment, litigation, and regulatory histories with quick turnaround to keep your deals moving. Credit reports compile extensive information regarding a potential client’s credit history, allowing you to prepare for and avoid potential risks.

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Sectors We Serve

Businesses in many industries require collection services for outstanding invoices. Our team at Altus consists of professionals in various fields, giving you debt collection experience matching your industry. Several North Dakota Industries we serve include:

We also work in industries like transportation, equipment rental, construction, chemical, and alternative lending. Extensive industry knowledge allows us to integrate seamlessly with your business and speak to your debtors using industry jargon. These methods maintain strong relationships throughout the debt collection process.

Our Competitive Advantage

With Altus, you get the benefits of a global presence with local debt collectors in your state. We have provided commercial debt collection since 1994, making us a reliable partner to turn to now and in the future. Our large team of qualified debt collection experts has years of practical experience in the field to guide our processes.

Technology-enabled solutions give your business higher and faster returns. Our ARM STRONG software solution provides 24-hour access to reporting and invoices. You also get the capability to communicate directly with our team. We are licensed and bonded to operate in North Dakota, ensuring a legal debt collection process. Certifications from top industry organizations further demonstrate our expertise.

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