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Altus Receivables Management is North America’s largest commercial collections agency. Our team is powered by advanced industry knowledge, smart software and security protocols, and a passion for seeing our partners succeed. We’ve helped hundreds of brands like yours reclaim funds they thought they’d lost and use them to further their business ventures. Learn more about how our local debt collectors can help you thrive today.

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At Altus, we’ve designed our offerings to suit the diverse needs of companies across many different industries. Our comprehensive commercial collection services include:

  • International commercial collections: We have offices in nearly 70 countries to help you reclaim your debts anywhere in the world. Our most popular options include third-party collections, which allow you to streamline your debt mitigation through us, and first-party outsourcing, which involves us interacting with your clients using your brand name and guidelines to maintain relationships.
  • Legal forwarding: Altus is proud to hold the record for delivering the best recovery rates to our clients. On the off chance we are unable to collect your debt through traditional means, we’ll contact our network of commercial attorneys. At no extra cost to you, one of our legal partners will take on your case and get it resolved.
  • Reporting services: Are there ways for you to prevent major debt disputes before they happen? Our researchers can help you find out. We offer custom credit reports and asset and liability services that give you an overview of investments before you make them. You’ll have all the data you need to decide whether a new client or partnership is right for you.


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Why Choose Altus to Collect Your Debts?

For decades, Altus has done everything in our power to bring brands like yours quality collection services, bridging the gap between businesses while keeping your relationships intact. We strive for professional service and 100% transparency so you can feel confident in coming to us.

When it comes to financial integrity, there’s no room for error. Tools like these equip us to offer high-caliber service to every client:

  • Experience across industries: Throughout our history, we’ve worked with brands in nearly every industry, and our staff members average more than a decade of experience in commercial collections. We understand that every business operates under different regulations and guidelines, and we’re prepared to meet any and all of yours.
  • Powerful technology: We give our clients 24/7 access to ARM STRONG™, an exclusive software platform that’s as easy to use as it is helpful. This full-service portal is where we collate all our information about your debtors and provide them a place to make payments. The account records update in real time so you can stay on top of your finances.

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