Commercial Debt Collection in Texas

While you may operate in the Lone Star State, you’re not alone regarding debt collection. Altus Receivables Management supports businesses in Texas seeking collections partners. As North America’s top commercial collections firm, we’re a go-to choice for companies seeking outside assistance in collections.

Our Texas collection agency has established itself as a top choice through almost 30 years of experience in the industry. Through this extensive service record, we have grown to offer a comprehensive service portfolio. We have experts around the globe ready to assist with collecting from international debtors. Companies that work with us get access to a proprietary software solution to automate and streamline collections.

Streamline Debt Collection With Altus

How We Serve Your Business

Handling commercial collections requires a high level of expertise and commitment. Regular business operations may leave you little time to track down and secure payment from delinquent debtors. As an established collection agency in Texas, we expertly navigate debt recovery, freeing your business to focus on other strategic objectives.

B2B debt collection comes in several forms. We can supplement or act as your existing collections staff using first-party collections or work on your behalf as a third party. The service you choose may depend on factors like the length of delinquency.

Beyond offering debt collection assistance, we create reports to inform your business decisions. Business credit reports show the financial status of a potential partner. You might also use these reports to collect publicly available data about your business. Asset and liability reports ensure beneficial partnerships by uncovering information to assist decision-making.

After working through other collection methods, we provide legal assistance at no additional cost. Our legal services demonstrate a commitment to escalation when necessary, often resulting in faster resolution and higher recoveries. We also work on credit insurance claims collections, providing reporting and litigation.

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Serving Various Sectors

Texas is home to many thriving industries. Altus has the expertise to provide commercial collections services for many common sectors throughout the state, including agribusiness, transportation, manufacturing, software and technology, and oil and gas. We offer the consistent cash flow you need to keep your business operations running as usual, no matter your business size. Here are a few other industries we serve:

The Advantages We Bring

With our team, you gain a dedicated partner to work through all the legal processes necessary to recover your debt. We tailor our approach based on client and industry so you get services providing the most value for your business. Rely on us to provide professionalism throughout the collections process. Some other advantages we bring include:

  • Compliance with all Texas licensing and bonding requirements to ensure we follow the law
  • Access to our proprietary ARM STRONG software, which provides analytics and reporting to guide collections
  • Extensive resources as the largest B2B collections firm in North America
  • Complete client transparency so you always know what we do and why

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Selecting the right local debt collector can significantly impact your company. An expert team like Altus provides debt recovery in less time, giving you the consistent cash flow your business needs to maintain its operations. Message us online to discover more about any of our services.

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