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Whether you serve the technology industry, manufacturing, or another sector in Virginia, your accounts receivables often present a significant challenge. Among the many tasks your business must accomplish each day, debt collection adds another hurdle. Leave your financial services in the capable hands of our team at Altus Receivables Management.

We are an international collection agency serving as a local debt collector for businesses in Virginia. Our large size enables us to offer excellent recoveries in less time than other agencies. We provide the expertise of over 200 professionals, combined with a tailored technology solution known as ARM STRONG™.

Streamline Debt Collection With Altus

A Complete Service Portfolio

Thousands of businesses across North America trust us to provide commercial collections services. Our primary offerings include:

  • First-party collections: Augment your back-office staff with our expert team to maintain high standards and enhance accounts receivable management.
  • Third-party collections: When you need a more targeted approach for troublesome accounts, we step in as a third party. We focus on maintaining relationships while providing debt collection for your Virginia organization.

After completing regular collection methods, we provide legal services at no additional cost to our clients. We aim to streamline the litigation process, ensuring your business can resolve collections faster. We perform these legal services:

Having the answers before you do business can make a significant difference for your organization. Turn to Altus for background information about potential partners. We offer the following reporting capabilities:

  • Asset and liability reports: Start your partnership with a complete understanding of the other business’s background. We find hidden liabilities that may impact decision-making.
  • Business credit reports: Discover your business’s financial standing or utilize credit reports to determine risks before providing goods or services to other companies.

altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Our Industry Expertise

Virginia hosts a wide variety of industries. Some of the most common include agribusiness, construction, manufacturing, and software and technology. Altus employs experts across these and many other industry verticals to give your business a personalized approach to debt collection. Additional industries we serve include:

A Client-Centric Approach

At Altus, we have served in the financial services sector for almost 30 years, giving us valuable insight into our clients’ needs. We have learned that excellent communication provides the foundation for any business relationship. Our ARM STRONG™ software platform allows our clients direct communication with collection professionals. Throughout the collections process, we provide timely updates to keep you informed.

Professionalism is another guiding principle within our organization. We maintain this standard by complying with local and national regulations concerning commercial collection services. Certifications from top industry associations provide additional signals of our commitment to offering the highest level of service to our customers.

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Your debt collection methods significantly impact your cash flow, so leave the services to an expert Virginia collection agency for faster resolution with higher recovery. We keep money moving through your business so you continue to thrive. Our experts are available to answer your questions about our services. Contact us online today.

Third Party Collections vs. In house Collections

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