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Many businesses base their operations in the deserts and mountains of New Mexico. This southwestern state is home to industries ranging from oil and gas to technology. Altus gives your business valuable debt collection expertise to promote success in the state.

We operate with almost 30 years of experience in the industry, giving us the knowledge to maintain strong business relationships while providing a steady presence to assist in debt collection. Our capabilities derive from a team with years of experience in accounts receivable management, and we offer our proprietary ARM STRONG technology to automate debt collection processes and accelerate returns.

Our Debt Collection Services

Altus debt collection services in New Mexico cover various business needs. We provide everything from technology-enabled debt collection assistance to legal aid when other collection efforts are exhausted.

Debt Collection

Our team works in various capacities to assist with debt collection. We can operate as part of your team through first-party commercial collection services. This service involves supplementing your back office team with our experts to manage accounts receivable. We also work as a third party on your most troublesome collections challenges, improving your returns. Our offices across the globe assist New Mexico clients with international debt collection.


We provide analyses to give your business the information necessary to conduct your everyday operations. Business credit reports evaluate a potential partner’s credit risk to decide whether you should do business with them. Asset and liability reports serve as the foundation for mergers and acquisitions. You’ll know all the potential benefits and liabilities of various business alliances.

Legal Assistance

After normal collection efforts, you may require legal action to recover debts. Altus provides a legal escalation process, including data collection services, to streamline your debt recovery.



altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Offering Industry Expertise

Every industry operates differently, meaning debt collection may change with varying reasons for delinquency or required areas of expertise. Our New Mexico collection agency team has the knowledge and experience necessary to work with all the state’s most common industries, including:

Our team members carry years of specialized industry experience to suit your particular accounts receivable situation. We also provide a personalized collection approach based on each client and industry.

Benefits of Choosing Altus

We are a nationwide collections agency providing a local debt collector you can rely on in New Mexico. Our customers benefit from the expertise and reach of hundreds of team members across North America and the globe. The following are a few advantages of working with our team:

  • Fully licensed: We are fully licensed to collect in New Mexico and all other U.S. States and Canadian provinces that require licensing.
  • Complete transparency: Our team provides full transparency regarding all debt collection activities, giving you confidence in our partnership.
  • Technology enablement: Our technology, built on the leading cloud customer relationship software, gives you real-time data access.
  • Satisfied clients: Case studies from our work with other clients show measurable results in reducing costs while increasing recovery rates.

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