Commercial Debt Collection in South Dakota

Whether you operate in the state’s prominent agriculture sector in the east or manufacturing in another part of South Dakota, you need reliable accounts receivable support. Altus is a local debt collector for commercial businesses. Our services free you to focus on other areas of business management while we ensure debtors provide the money owed for products and services.

By working with Altus, you get the advantage of the leading commercial collections firm in North America. This status comes from our national and international reach and large team of over 300 experts. We also provide technology-enabled solutions to bring about automation in your collections processes.

Our Commercial Collection Services

Here are the services we offer related to commercial debt collection:

  • First-party collections: When you need back-office accounts receivable support, our team is there. We work under your name, offering a streamlined experience for debtors.
  • Third-party collections: Some collections tasks may call for a different approach. Invoices long past due sometimes benefit from a third party working on your behalf.
  • Business credit reports: Businesses have credit risk scores much like individuals do. Research provided by Altus can help you determine the risk of a potential partnership.
  • Asset and liability reports: Within 12 to 14 days, we will compile information about businesses you hope to partner with, giving you insight into whether the partnership will benefit your company.
  • Legal escalation: Our legal escalation process demonstrates to debtors that you’re serious about collection. We provide pre-litigation intelligence to expedite suit authorization.
  • Credit insurance claims: Our team of attorneys and collection experts can work with you on credit insurance cases. These services include investigations, reports, and litigation.

altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Various Industries Served

Our team at Altus has extensive experience spanning multiple industry sectors. This expertise allows us to understand each business’s unique collection challenges. We engage with debtors respectfully and understandingly, increasing the chances of repayment. The following are some common industries we serve in South Dakota:

Even if you work outside of the state’s prominent industries, our South Dakota collection agency can serve you. We work with a range of small to midsize operations, including those in sectors like alternative lending, equipment rental, and financial services.

Why Work With Altus?

We’ve provided accounts receivable services to businesses since 1994. Our extended service record in the industry means you get unmatched expertise in collections. Benefit from the highest recovery rates and these other benefits when you work with our collection agency in South Dakota:

  • Clear communication: Our online platform, ARM STRONG™, allows for direct communication with our team so you always know the status of ongoing collections efforts.
  • Industry certifications: Some of the best-known groups in collections have certified and endorsed us for our work on behalf of commercial customers.
  • Success portfolio: Many companies have trusted us to improve their recovery rates and reduce costs. Our case studies demonstrate our successes on behalf of clients.

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We work on your behalf to collect debt from your commercial clients. Our services include research and legal aid to assist you at any stage of collections, from before you make a deal to long after payment is due. Provide information about your business and the services you need to learn more.

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