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Oklahoma’s rolling wooded hills and extensive flat plains are home to many businesses, especially industries like agriculture and oil and gas. As a company operating in the state, you rely on timely accounts receivable payments to maintain a consistent cash flow and keep regular operations running.

Altus provides accounts receivable management to collect on debts owed to your business. We are the largest commercial collections agency in North America, giving us the capability to offer services ranging from collections to reporting. Our technology-enabled solutions and expert teams grant a high level of service you won’t find anywhere else.

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We’re qualified and equipped to offer various collections services to enhance cash flow and reduce risks associated with nonpayment. We collect from local businesses and recover international debt as needed. Our offices in 67 countries mean that while we’re close to you in Oklahoma, we can also reach debtors around the globe. Here’s an overview of our services.


We provide B2B debt collection in Oklahoma, offering personalized expertise and guidance based on the company we work with. When you need to supplement your existing collections team, we provide outsourced support, acting behind the scenes to manage accounts receivable. Certain debts may call for a more direct approach. In these instances, we work as a third party to address these challenges and achieve a resolution.


As you seek to expand your operations through mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships, you want to ensure you’re making informed choices. Our asset and liability reports provide timely intelligence from diligent researchers. Decision-makers can use this advice to guide their partner selections. When you need to know the credit risk of potential customers, come to us for credit reports.


When debts go unpaid for extended periods, the debtor may assume the collector is not serious about collection. Our legal escalation model comes at no additional cost and demonstrates a commitment to debt resolution. Another legal service we provide is credit insurance claims collections.

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A Range of Clients and Markets

At Altus, we work with clients ranging from small to midsize businesses in Oklahoma. Our services cover many common industries in the state as well as more specialized sectors. Our industry experience encompasses:

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Our business began as a local debt collector in Louisiana in 1994, meaning we’ve had almost three decades to refine our services and expand our knowledge. This breadth of experience gives us the expertise to offer many collections services. We also maintain a well-educated team with years of practical collections expertise. With an experienced business and team on your side, you can expect faster and higher returns. Plus, we offer additional benefits like:

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