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When you need commercial collection services in Washington, turn to Altus. We serve businesses across a range of industries throughout the state, including the extensive agribusiness operations stretching across the east, center and south. We also serve the software and technology organizations operating in the state’s major metropolitan areas like Seattle. Over 200 experts comprise our team, providing a wide range of expertise to serve many industries.

The advantages of working with us come from our status as the largest commercial collector in North America. Our sizeable operation allows us to accomplish everything from first-party collections to legal intervention. We also utilize a proprietary software solution to provide our clients with unmatched data access and automation.

Delve Into Our Services

Altus specializes in receivables management throughout every stage of business. We support you before you enter a deal and long afterward, even if you find that you need legal assistance. Our services apply to many business sizes, including small and midsize companies. Here’s an overview of our primary service offerings.

In-Depth Research

Learn about a potential customer’s credit history using business credit reports. Our data displays credit risk scores, monthly trends, public record data, and credit limit recommendations. Another reporting service we provide displays assets and liabilities. Businesses entering mergers or joint ventures use these reports to find hidden weaknesses that may impact the deal.

Expert Collections

Our collection agency in Washington can recover debts from nearby debtors or businesses around the globe. We can track down and recover payment from delinquent debtors as a third party. While doing so, we strive to maintain positive relationships. Some companies rely on our team to supplement their in-house receivables management.

Effective Legal Aid

When collections lead to litigation, demonstrate your commitment to escalation by utilizing our legal services. We provide pre-litigation intelligence at no extra cost to assist your business through the legal process. Companies also come to us for credit insurance claims collections.

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Reaching Many Industries

Whether you operate in agribusiness, manufacturing, construction, or technology, our Washington collection agency has the expertise to serve you. Our experts bring insight into each industry and your unique collection challenges. In technology, you may struggle to collect full payments for services. Companies in the construction industry may face challenges like changing cash flows throughout a project. Whatever your business faces, we take the time to tailor our processes to your operations.

Perks of Partnering With Altus

We’ve worked in collections for almost three decades, so we know how to maintain a high level of control over the debt collection process. Here are a few ways you’ll benefit from working with us:

  • Licensing: Unlike many commercial collections agencies, we comply with all legal requirements and are fully bonded.
  • Software: Companies that work with us get access to ARM STRONG™, a software solution providing advanced data analytics and reporting.
  • Professionalism: We provide complete transparency to clients regarding all collections activities.

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Increase your recoveries while decreasing the time and effort necessary to secure debt collection for your Washington-based organization. Altus provides a high level of expertise, and our experts work hard for your collection cases. Learn more about a particular service by contacting our team online.

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