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Welcome to Altus, your fully licensed Kentucky collection agency that boasts the highest recovery rates in North America. We work side by side with the leading commercial firms in every industry to collect their debts while they do what they do best — focus on making their company even better. When you need support in completing long-term debt collection, our team of more than 200 fully licensed professionals is ready to get to work now.

Improve Your Recovery Rates With Altus

Why Choose Altus for Kentucky Debt Collection?

  • Experience: Altus has been collecting commercial debt for over 30 years and our collectors have an average of 12 years of experience.
  • Size: Altus is the largest B2B debt collection company in the U.S. and has the resources to support you regardless of size or debtor location.
  • Industry expertise: Our experts support clients in numerous industries by learning the fine details and regulations that apply.
  • Technology: We use ARM STRONG™, our proprietary, industry-leading, end-to-end collections platform that provides 24/7 access to detailed claim information with 100% transparency to all collector activities, payment and call recordings.
  • Variety of services: We offer first-party collections, third-party collections, international collections, legal services and more.

Our Commercial Collection Services

Running a business takes hundreds of moving parts, and if you don’t have a dedicated collections team, making sure your clients keep up their payments can represent a significant time loss. At Altus, we will continue working with your debtors until their payments are settled in full. We offer a range of services that work to your advantage, including:

  • B2B collections: All you have to do is tell us how you want us to collect your debts, and we’ll do it. We have certifications that allow us to collect internationally, so we’ll work with you regardless of how large you grow. Our team can operate as a first-party collector, in which our experts will adhere to your brand guidelines so your clients feel like they’re talking to you directly. Alternatively, we can stand as your third-party backup and collect funds under our own name.
  • Legal escalations: Even with the highest recovery rate, we sometimes have to go the extra mile to get the results you want. Our team has a network of commercial collection attorneys ready to take on your case and work until it’s resolved. These legal services are free to our clients.
  • Research and reporting: Thinking of taking on a new client or partnering with another company? Make sure you have all the facts with our credit intelligence and asset and liability services. Our research department is skilled at creating custom reports for any industry entity, detailing their history, finances, and any red flags in their public records.


altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Your Local Debt Collectors

For the past 30-plus years, Altus has been the collections choice for B2B operations in Kentucky, the United States, and beyond. When you work with Altus, your business gets the benefit of:

  • Better experience: Our team members have more than a decade of experience on average, and we know how to operate in a range of industries while settling debts.
  • Better records: We’ve earned national and international certifications that helped us gain and maintain our reputation as the best debt recovery agency.
  • Better technology: With Altus, you’ll be able to use ARM STRONG™, our exclusive technology that offers 24/7 unfettered access to our process. Use this powerful platform to centralize all your client information, give them an easy way to pay, and get live updates every time an account changes.

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Whether your debtors are in Kentucky or halfway around the world, Altus Receivables Management is prepared to do whatever it takes to collect on your debts. Our professionals believe in your brand and will ensure you get the funds you’re owed to continue your expansion and success. Contact us today to discuss your situation with our team.

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