Commercial Debt Collection in Oregon

Whether you operate in Oregon’s technology sector near Portland or serve the more rural agribusiness industry, Altus can provide tailored commercial debt collection services to increase your cash flow. We are a debt collection agency in Oregon with the expertise to act as your go-to partner for everything from collections to reporting. With a mix of international reach and a local presence, we provide robust services with a personal touch.

Our advantages for customers rest on an industry service record dating back to 1994. We also employ professionals with decades of experience in collections to give your company a reliable collection team. Technology-enabled solutions set us apart from similar businesses in the industry by affording unmatched automation and data visibility.

Our Services at a Glance

Debt collection is a complex process with many stages. Our services cover every step. Here’s a list of the capabilities we offer:

Before you enter into business or merge with a company, discover more information through our reporting capabilities. Credit reports show whether a potential customer carries a high risk of nonpayment, allowing you to make intelligent business decisions. Our reporting capabilities serve situations like mergers and acquisitions, giving you the necessary information to decide whether a partnership is worth the risk.

After you provide services, we can work with your back-office receivables team to collect funds due, handling tasks under your business’s name. We can also work with your most troublesome accounts as a third party, helping you maintain the relationship while increasing cash flow. Our debt collection services even extend to your international debtors.

If all other collection methods prove unsuccessful, we provide legal escalation or credit insurance claims to get your money. Our legal services come with no additional fee.

altus is certified by the industry's most respected associations

Diverse Fields of Expertise

Oregon hosts many thriving industries, and the Altus team has the expertise to provide debt collection services in each of them. The following are a few state industries we serve:

  • Technology: The state has a long history in high technology and software. For businesses in these industries, we can get more of your money back in collections.
  • Manufacturing: Keep your cash flow moving with effective commercial collection services so you can keep producing products to sell.
  • Agribusiness: Agriculture is a staple of Oregon’s economy. Altus has a deep history with agribusiness collections.
  • Construction: This growing industry faces challenges like balancing money spent and owed to remain solvent. We can get you paid on time.

Achieve Collections Success With Us

Oregon is one of many North American states requiring commercial collection agency licensing, and we meet all applicable requirements. We hold certifications from well-known groups like the International Association of Commercial Collectors and the Commercial Law League of America.

Automate and streamline collections with our proprietary ARM STRONG software, a cloud-based solution with various capabilities. Beyond licensing and technology, our Oregon collection agency offers an expert team with years of industry experience to assist you.

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