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Wisconsin hosts many types of businesses, especially agriculture and manufacturing. The state is known for its dairy and cheese production, while its manufacturing products vary from motorcycles to brewing equipment. Whether your company operates in one of these industries or another top sector in the state, Altus provides debt collection in Wisconsin to assist your everyday operations.

We are the largest commercial collections firm in North America, offering various capabilities to serve your business. We provide everything from first-party debt collection to legal services for long-standing debts. Our professional team of over 200 experts assists any company seeking collection expertise. With us, businesses gain access to ARM STRONG™, a proprietary debt collection application with cloud-based data and automation capabilities.

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Showcasing Our Services

We collect debt from companies around the globe. Though your center of operations resides in Wisconsin, your debtors might be everywhere. Our professionals can find debtors internationally and secure payment while meeting applicable laws across any border. In B2B debt collection, we offer first- and third-party collections. The first involves augmenting your existing accounts receivable staff with experts from our team. The second involves working on your behalf under our company name.

Companies rely on us for in-depth research and reporting. Discover whether a potential partner poses a credit risk using an in-depth business credit report. These reports also allow you to check your business’s financial health and learn borrowing limits. Mergers and acquisitions frequently call for research to determine the other business’s hidden liabilities. Asset and liability reports from Altus provide all the information you need.

The longer a debt ages, the higher the chance of nonpayment or incomplete payment. Our legal escalation services demonstrate your commitment to collections, creating faster recoveries in less time. We provide research and litigation expertise to assist with credit insurance claims collections.

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Where We Make an Impact

Our collection agency in Wisconsin serves businesses of many sizes — including small and midsize companies — across many industry sectors. Whatever the case, we provide commercial collection services and financial expertise to serve you. Our areas of experience encompass the following and more:

Our Client Benefits

We are North America’s foremost commercial collections firm. With a service record stretching back to 1994, we have the necessary expertise to provide various financial services. Our collections professionals have an average of 12 years in the industry, meaning they know all applicable regulations and the best methods for collections. Beyond our extensive expertise, we offer benefits like:

  • Access to our ARM STRONG™ software, which keeps data at your fingertips so you can refine and enhance business processes.
  • Certifications from top industry organizations, demonstrating our commitment to ongoing learning and process improvement.
  • Professionalism in all business processes — we always put the customer first and maintain open communication.

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