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Economic turns and changes sometimes make it more challenging for businesses to collect on debts. However, it’s in these times that getting your money returned to your business is most important. Altus Receivables Management specializes in commercial debt collection in Missouri, the United States, and throughout North America, ensuring you receive what you’re owed and have the funds available to invest back in your business.

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Why Choose Altus for Missouri Debt Collection?

  • Experience: Altus has been collecting commercial debt for over 30 years and our collectors have an average of 12 years of experience.
  • Size: Altus is the largest B2B debt collection company in the U.S. and has the resources to support you regardless of size or debtor location.
  • Industry expertise: Our experts support clients in numerous industries by learning the fine details and regulations that apply.
  • Technology: We use ARM STRONG™, our proprietary, industry-leading, end-to-end collections platform that provides 24/7 access to detailed claim information with 100% transparency to all collector activities, payment and call recordings.
  • Variety of services: We offer first-party collections, third-party collections, international collections, legal services and more.

Our Commercial Collection Services

B2B businesses like yours run on credit — credit lines and IOUs are the methods of even the most well-known companies in every industry. When the time comes for your clients to pay these debts, however, you may find yourself running into issues of partners not paying on time, or even at all.

You have enough to think about with the day-to-day work of keeping your company running. Altus can take debt collection concerns off your hands through:

  • B2B collections: Let us collect your funds, your way. We’ll provide a first-party outsourcing team that works under your brand to achieve success. Or, we can be your third-party mediator and handle collections on your behalf.
  • International collections: We’re a local debt collector with an international reach. Altus is licensed not just in Missouri, but in every jurisdiction in North America — and beyond. Our partnership with an international credit insurer has allowed us to establish bases in dozens of countries worldwide. Wherever your clients are located, we can negotiate on your behalf to reach an agreement.
  • Legal forwarding: When the collection requests have gone on long enough, we’ll connect you with our legal network, where you’ll find a commercial collection attorney who will guide your case through the legal system until the matter is resolved in front of a judge.

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What Else Can Your Missouri Collection Agency Do?

Our debt collection services focus on settling the risks you take when you offer a client or partner a line of credit with your brand. However, we also offer ways to anticipate nonpayment concerns before they become an issue. We’ve developed a range of risk mitigation efforts throughout our time as a Missouri debt collection agency, and we’re proud to offer them as regular services for any of our customers.

Have a new potential client applying for credit? Let us provide a custom risk assessment that evaluates their business credit report and other financial history indicators so you can determine whether their risk is acceptable to you. What about joining another B2B business to further your endeavors? Altus can help there too. Our researchers will take an in-depth look at your proposed venture and ensure you’re aware of all assets and liabilities this brand poses for you.

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For years, the team at Altus has secured results for our clients using an arsenal of debt collection knowledge based on firsthand experience with national and international brands. We serve major players in some of the world’s largest industries with the help of our proprietary technology. Start collecting your money more easily today when you contact the team at Altus.

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