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Whether your business operates along the Blue Ridge Mountains or sits on the banks of the Mississippi River, Altus Receivables Management is ready to serve you. We provide receivables management throughout Tennessee, giving your business the support necessary to thrive in any industry. From working as a first-party collector to providing legal services, we cover every aspect of collections.

While many businesses provide commercial collection services, we offer the highest level of service and the broadest reach. When you turn to us, you get every need covered, even your international collections. We work with a high level of professionalism and utilize custom technology solutions to benefit your business. With us as your go-to partner, you get services to cover your accounts receivables.

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As a Tennessee collection agency, we maximize your accounts receivable performance through various professional services. Our team has over 200 experts with years of practical experience in collections. Rely on us to provide everything from in-depth research to litigation expertise.

Debt Collection

Our two B2B debt collection services include third-party and first-party debt collection in Tennessee. Cases of delinquent debt often benefit from a collection agency working on their behalf. We’re familiar with various industries and reasons for nonpayment, so we can streamline the collections process. In some instances, you may desire to supplement your accounts receivable team without hiring additional staff, in which case we provide first-party collections that appear to originate from your company.

Legal Aid

After working through typical collection methods, legal services provide the next step toward recovering payment. We use a specialized legal escalation model to recover more funds faster. This service comes at no additional cost to clients. Our international claims team assists with collections for credit insurance cases.

Research and Reporting

Learn whether a business is a potential credit risk before providing goods or services using business credit reports. This data shows credit risk scores, public financial records, and quarterly trends. We also provide asset and liability reports to guide potential mergers.

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Altus provides financial services to various businesses of any size. Our expertise covers many common industries in Tennessee, including:

The Value of Altus

Altus provides the highest recovery rates in the industry by leveraging proven processes and expert people. Our team members have years of experience in the industry and provide personalized solutions for each client. As the largest commercial collections firm, we can provide many services. We offer international reach to collect from debtors around the globe.

Technology-enabled solutions through our ARM STRONG™ software add automation and data visibility to improve collections processes. We are fully licensed and bonded to provide commercial debt collections in Tennessee.

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With over 30 years of providing commercial debt collection services, we’re a reliable local debt collector here to serve you now and into the future. Leave collections in our hands and focus on other business areas. We’ll ensure higher and faster recovery. Talk to an expert team member about our services by contacting us online.

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