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Despite being America’s smallest state, Rhode Island has much to offer commercial operations. With a dedicated partnership with Altus, your business can enhance cash flow by streamlining your collections processes. We are a North American commercial collections firm providing the highest recovery rates in the industry. Despite our large size, we deliver personalized service, acting as a local debt collector for Rhode Island businesses.

The benefits we offer clients include robust technology solutions through our ARM STRONG platform. Our collection agency in Rhode Island has an experienced team and abides by state guidelines for a legal collections process.

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Services in Focus

When you need debt collection in Rhode Island, we provide a reliable partner with various offerings to suit your business. Our B2B collections services include first- and third-party collections, both locally and around the globe. We can supplement your accounts receivable staff and act on your behalf, allowing you to manage internal resources more effectively. Alternatively, delinquent accounts often benefit from a dedicated collections strategy — our account managers can come in as a third party to collect debts while allowing you to retain customer relationships.

We also provide reporting capabilities, giving you actionable data to guide business processes. Asset and liability reports assist during partnership formation by uncovering risks. Before taking on new clients, you may use business credit reports to discover the likelihood of nonpayment. Gain confidence in your business decisions by backing each choice with in-depth data.

At the end of collections, some scenarios may require legal action. Our legal escalation model speeds the process by using intelligence gathered during the pre-litigation phase. Plus, you can access our legal services with no additional fees.

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Partnering With Various Sectors

Debt collection techniques and processes may change dramatically depending on the industry served. Our team offers expertise to suit your particular sector. In the transportation industry, we keep track of essential details ranging from regulations to tariffs. Meanwhile, the software and technology industry calls for a specialized approach to collect the full amounts of owed funds.

Beyond these examples, each industry we serve has differing requirements. With an average of 12 years of expertise, our team members know the details of various sectors, including:

Why We’re the Right Fit

Since 1994, we have served global commercial collections needs with personalized local service. Our breadth of industry experience makes us a valuable and reliable partner, and our team of over 200 collectors ensures you’ll find experts who are the right fit for your business. Other reasons to work with us include:

  • Security: We are Security Organization Control 1 and 2 compliant to ensure your data stays safe.
  • Size: With connections in 67 countries, we have the reach to perform commercial collections globally.
  • Software: Automate debt collection processes for faster and higher recovery and access essential business data with ARM STRONG, our proprietary program.

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Use our online contact form to request more information about any of our services provided or industries served. Our expert team members will reach out with more details to ensure you’re making the right choice for commercial debt collection services. Leave your accounts receivable in our hands, and we’ll keep your cash flow moving.

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